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Benzoyl Peroxide Paste

Benzoyl Peroxide Paste 50% (Hardener)

BPO 50% paste, also known as hardener, is a uniform dispersion of dibenzoyl peroxide in a smooth, non-separating fire resistant creamy paste form, which can be easily dissolved in monomers and resins. It is soluble in ethyl acetate and slightly soluble in petroleum solvents and alcohols and also insoluble in chlorinated solvents. This product is easier to use and less hazardous than dry forms of dibenzoyl peroxide.

Quick info


  • Polymerization initiator and curing agent for styrene, monomeric vinyl, acrylic, and unsaturated polyester/vinyl ester resins.
  • Curing agent for pre-promoted polyester and vinyl ester resins under ambient temperature.
  • Curing agent for acrylate based resins and for road marking paint.
  • Initiators for two-part adhesive systems based on polyester or methacrylate resins.
  • Moreover white, pink color can be available which is used as a visual guide to ensure uniform dispersion in the patching compounds.



Quick Details

CAS Number


Dibenzoyl Peroxide



Thixotropic paste


white or pink

Density(20 0C)


Active oxygen


Recommended storage temperature


Shelf Life

Six months @ 250C


25 Kg wide mouth HDPE drum or as per customer request.