Sustainability Policy

Chem It Is shall conduct business in an economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible manner. We are committed to promote a cleaner and safer environment which is aligned to our business strategy. Combining power of science and technology with passion to innovate, we aim to advance sustainable development by collaborating with our stakeholders. We aim to mark a positive impact through sustainability initiatives.

Chem It Is is committed to

  • Assess and review sustainability materiality matrix and develop strategies with aim of creating value, mitigating risk and maximizing opportunities.
  • Set, monitor, and review environmental targets for continual improvement.
  • Continually improve sustainable performance and practices by adopting globally applicable management systems.
  • Minimize impact on the climate change through increased use of clean energy.
  • Embed water stewardship as integral part of our business and work on action plan to reduce the environmental and social impact related to it.
  • Responsibly source key materials required for our operations.
  • Develop safe, sustainable & eco-friendly products, processes, technologies, and services.
  • Adopt Life Cycle thinking to contribute towards product stewardship.
  • Integrate sustainability considerations into value chain by engaging with and creating awareness among employees, customers, suppliers and local communities.
  • Annually report sustainability performance to stakeholders based on sustainability reporting frameworks.
  • Comply and wherever possible exceed, with all the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Implementation Chem It Is  shall achieve this through a competent, committed and well-coordinated team. Chem It Is  shall ensure adherence with the policy through appropriate system and process in place. The performance of policy will be regularly monitored, evaluated and reviewed by the board of directors.

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