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The start point of this company was in a 12-meter room, in the dormitory of the Petroleum University of Technology, where two new graduate students were talking about their desires and their future professional dreams. Spending their youth in refineries, petrochemical companies and university chemical labs, and by believing in their abilities, they start dreaming about owning one of the biggest petrochemical companies of the country, which is our vision right now.

Two years later, in 2010, the Petro Octane Isatis company, today known as Chemitis, was founded. Soon, it was qualified and verified as a knowledge-based enterprise and joined the Yazd Science and Technology Park. We bought a 100-liter reactor and YES!!!!! Our dream journey has started.

After spending 11 years of hard working and not giving up, with the invaluable and honest help of people who joined our team (better to say our family), today we are a reputable company, known for its honesty, quality and innovations, with the annual production capacity of 3000 metric tons of acid and Octoate and 700 metric tons of minerals.

We export our products to 7 different countries and our customers are active in 8 different industries and their number exceeds 250. Our customer loyalty statistics which indicate that 94% of our customers returned, prove to us that we are on the right way. This is because of the institutionalized customer-oriented culture of our company.

An amazing fact about our company is that, until now, nobody quit us. In fact, whoever joined our team, is still with us. We believe this is because the friendly, trustworthy and free working environment of our company. We, in the board of directors, try as much as we can to train our employees and grow the spirit of cooperating and entrepreneurship in them.

This entrepreneurship spirit leads our R&D manager to be the prime technologist of the country in 2019, and you will hear about their new achievements soon. And now, we will do our best, to focus on export and become one of the best exporter of the country in the near future. Here, we believe the Innovation that matters, will involve a hard look at what our customer experience is, and what it could be.